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Why Should You Buy French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers have a myriad of choices when it comes to making a cup of cold coffee. They can get it made by Starbucks, use espresso machines, drip machines, percolators or even use French press machines. Though great options, Starbucks and espresso machines are a bit costly and may not be ideal for those on a low-budget.  Percolators and drip machines are affordable but aren’t best for everyone. French press machines are affordable and user-friendly.  You can buy French press online and get it delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days. Let’s discuss the key reasons French coffee makers are quite in demand.

Pure and Clean Brew

The French press coffee maker by Cafe DU Chateau creates impurity free coffee brew. It uses a superior 4-level filtration system to deliver a pure and flavorful coffee brew. The filtration system is fitted with double stainless steel screens and a spring-loaded base that works in an amazing way to seal the edges when the grounds are being pressed downwards. It also comes with a strong lid strainer that works to trap all the grounds to prevent your brew being mixed with any unpleasant muddiness.

Has Powerful Paper Filters

Cafe Du Chateau French press consists of efficient paper filters for separating oils from the flavor.  Unlike drip machines, this French press does not soak up the flavor from the grinds.  Instead, it efficiently collects the flavors and oils from the grounds to give your brew a better taste and aroma.


Maintains the Right Temperature

When you buy French press online and use it to make coffee, you are sure to get the perfect cup of cold or hot coffee. As a high-end French press, the Cafe Du Chateau coffee press does not interrupt the temperature of the water. It maintains the water temperature constant meaning that if you used cold water, you will get a cold brew.

Maximum Saturation of the Grounds

Cafe Du Chateau coffee press guarantees maximum ground saturation. It works amazingly to prevent issues with some grounds not being sieved properly.  It uses the latest technology to efficiently separate all the flavors and oils from the ground residue. Using this powerful coffee press is the way to go if you want to get an excellently brewed coffee brew that matches your preferred saturation, flavor, and taste. All the contents extracted from the grounds are delivered to your cup meaning you will get the best quality cup of coffee ever.

If your girlfriend, mom, or wife loves coffee but don’t like the quality of coffee they get from using drip machine or percolators, it is time you gifted them with the Cafe du Chateau. This gorgeous and functional French press is elegantly designed to match every kitchen decor. It delivers a strong coffee flavor that cannot be got from the use of electric brewers or drip machines.  So, if you are in the hunt for something special to gift to your lovely wife, mom or girlfriend this coming festive season, you should buy French press online and get it delivered to their doorstep today.


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