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How to Choose Hand Bags According to Your Body Feature?

By Posted on 2 m read

How to choose a handbag according to the coordination of your body and the percentage? below, we will describe the diversity of the mixture of different parts of the body, which can give you a good help.

1. Women’s bag and facial function.

Face size, high facial cheekbones, to choose transparent stripes with a neutral metallic style, an individual style; and for the functions of women small and rounded women, a sweet option of flashing and dresses is a more appropriate option.

2. Bags and chest.

Bag under the arm, looking from the front, you can only see its thickness. Therefore, the fullness of the chest, the waist is thick and round, the best option is a thin and rectangular bag; Flat-chested women, slim body shape, to choose the side of the thickness of the triangle bag, to do a little swollen on the circumference of the chest.


3. Bags and height.

Wide and large bags from https://www.luxtime.su/ysl-bags are popular now, but the way to choose bags does not seem to be bulky in height. If the height is 165 cm or more, you should try to choose a length of 60 cm, it can be loaded vertically into bags the size of a store; 158 cm height below, then choose a total length of approximately 50 cm, which should be placed in the boxing boxes of the store, elongated body proportions.

4. Bags and deportation.

When a package with a small shoulder strap can be secured with a small bag with an armpit, turn around to avoid body bags; the bag should be folded in the hand, with the elbow, resting on a natural waist at 90 degrees; No sheet with a bag can be hugged in the chest or in the arm length near the thigh in a natural position of confidence, the sisters should not have put a bag of balm on their shoulders.

5. Women’s bag and color.

Color plays an important role in bags, jewelry and clothing. The general level of the same color, but with different shades, can create a generous and elegant style. Bags and were dressed in sharp contrast, for example, a black dress with a red bag and shoes, with personality; The bags can also be printed on a floral dress or on a jacket in an option of any color, but without losing the general feeling of a cheerful and elegant style.


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