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Everyday Fashion Essentials for Girls

By Posted on 3 m read

Being a girl can be tough at times. Whether you are a college or office-going woman, there are certain necessities that everyone needs to keep no matter where they go. As the Covid-19 lock downs are going to end (soon or later) in UAE, there are some additions to your handbag.

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Sanitary Napkins or Tampons:

No matter if a girl is menstruating or not, extra sanitary napkins are must to carry. You may need these items for any purpose. Some other women might ask for it. Let us be true, we all have encountered an unexpected entry of monthly period!

Fashion Essentials for Girls

A Pair of Undergarments:

It is must to carry item for professional women working at offices. Sometimes, busy ladies forget the exact date of menstruating. Now you have sanitary napkins in your bag but carrying an extra pair of undergarments is also helpful. You can easily manage any unexpected situation without any tension. Buy adorable and affordable undergarments at Namshi store. Don’t forget your Namshi Promo Code this time.

Wet Tissues or Wipes:

Again, it is an essential. Wet tissues and wipes are helpful especially in the hot days. Ladies who move out frequently must keep a packet of wet tissues. This is good to clean the dust and dirt from skin. It also offers a soothing sensation in hot days.

Anti-Perspiring Roll On:

As most women love wearing tank tops or shoulder-free dresses in hot days, it is necessary to use anti-perspiring roll on. Remember, sweat accumulates in the armpits and it creates smell. Applying the roll on is easy and takes no time.

Lip Balm:

Is face moisturizing enough for you? Most women believe that applying moisturizers on face is enough. You are mistaken, as your lips also require proper hydration. Keep the quality lip balm in your bag especially in hot and dry season.

Cash with Cards:

Is it for beauty and personal care? No, keeping some cash is important. No doubt, we are in modern age with lots of ATMs, Credit Card machines and more around but cash has no comparison. Always have change money (to buy ice cream from a stall or to pay an artist playing the violin in the street).

Nail File:

Girls may think that why carrying a nail file is important. Actually, some girls have rough edges on nails especially when they have long nails. This nail file will help to ease the fingers whenever needed.

Sunscreens and Moisturizers:

Most women keep these two things. These are essentials especially if you are going for a travel. These beauty products protect skin from the dryness and harmful UV raysin any season.Buy quality moisturizers and sun blocks at affordable prices. Apply an active Namshi Promo Code recently announced by the Namshi store available at Coupon.ae.


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