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Iconic design of the bag house for the lovely ladies

The only motto of DFO handbags is to provide high end luxury designer handbags at an affordable or a low price for the people who have a fixed budget and who are also looking for a luxury bag. They provide professional customer service and also ensure customers satisfaction. These are one of the most reliable and reputable online supplier for fabulous wallets and handbags.When the bag house is universally recognized by its initials it is iconic.

Top Luxury and Designer BrandsFashion

The best example of the initials is YSL which stands for Yves Saint Laurent. The name of YSL is changed to Saint Laurent Paris but still it is known as YSL. It is a brand name for shoes and bags. The long and storied history of YSL bags have earned the brand the right to live forever. Yves Saint Laurent had a reputation in 1960’s and 70’s as it was good in clothing designs, which included a groundbreaking “Le Smoking” women’s tuxedo suit and also bought safaris and pea coats to a high fashion and then the stocking made of sheer and sea through fabrics. Saint Laurent designed accessories also. The house’s couture was best known for breaking the fashion statement of the youth, the bags were the symbol of elegance and sophistication. The designs took a chance and were rewarded the original version of the Muse.

Muse is the brands most successful design. The ownership of the YSL is now sold to Gucci. The bag was made of leather, suede and canvas which is sewn together and presented beautifully. Muse bag is exotic crocodile type skin leather which costs $20000. That is a lot more than the people spend on a designer bag and even thousand dollars or two is also a lot to pay for luxury bags even if it is worth the money.  . The bags are specially designed and perfectly sewn and also created to last for a long term. Your heart is set on a Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Miu Miu purses but you will find exactly what you are after at Luxtime for a fraction of price you will pay more on a department store or a designer outlet. Once you start buying from Luxtime you will know how much money you save when you are buying a designer handbag.

The finest technology is used and the experienced and expert designer s and craftsmen are hired. They pay a lot of attention to the quality. A person who is into luxury shopping knows it better like that person knows every tiny detail and also expects the designer purse to be perfect.  All kinds of handbags can be bought at https://www.luxtime.su/ysl-bags at a conveniently low price.


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