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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

By Posted on 2 m read

Current trends in cosmetics continue to grow as the years pass by, what with many different make-up palettes get spread across the beauty market. One of the more popular cosmetic enhancements available is the eyelash extension, popular among beauty gurus. Here three ways of taking care of your eyelash extensions before considering treatment at https://stacylash.com/treaments.

Eyelash ExtensionsKeep it Dry

While eyelash extensions are waterproof, taking care of it means having to keep it dry at most times. During the initial hours of application, try to avoid touching them too much. The oils from your fingers would get into the lashes and would potential strain on the lash root eventually.

Do this for about the first two to three days. Avoid getting it wet and make sure to keep the shower or bath water away from it for a while, and practice having to steer clear of the water on the surrounding area of the eyes.

When it is hot and humid outside, stay indoors. Avoid wet and damp environments such as spas, saunas, or a steamy shower room.

Don’t Apply Oil-based Make-up on It

Like how the oily fingers could potentially damage the lashes, so do the oil-based make-up products. Check the ingredients of any mascara or eyeliner you would be using and make sure to stay away from oil-based products.

Also, avoid using mascara if you don’t need to. The purpose of getting eyelash extensions is for the enhancement of the appearance of the lashes, and putting on mascara has that same effect. When wiping the make-up off of the extensions, do not use baby wipes, cotton pads, or any make-up wipes.

Commit to Regular Infills

Every eyelash extension would generally require infills in around two to four weeks. These depend on a lot of pertinent factors such as:

  • Touching Frequency
  • Duration of Application
  • A Person’s Skin Type (Oily, Mixed, Dry, etc.)
  • A Person’s Hair and Lash Cycle
  • The Number of Lashes Applied (Thickness of the Eyelash Extension)

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep track of how it looks day by day.

As such, it is recommended that you do not remove the lashes yourself. It would potentially lead to pulling out health lash hairs out of their roots and damage it. Make sure to let the professionals do the trick and let them handle the removal and application unless you are 100% sure you can do it yourself.

In Hindsight

Taking of your eyelash extensions means having to keep it dry and minimizing make-up application on it. This has to be coupled with regular infills to ensure that the extensions stay long and beautiful for more extended periods.

The most important thing to note is that extensions require much patience, diligence, and care for it to produce the beauty enhancement of your eyes. When you focus only on how it makes you appear rather than taking care of it, the extensions will fall short of its beautifying purpose.


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